Andréa is a career-loving wife and mother. She’s been married since 2007 and is the mother of an intelligent daughter and thoughtful son. Like most women, she has other roles besides that of wife and mother. She is a daughter, sister, friend, ‘sister-friend’, coach, manager, fitness instructor, marathoner and mentor.

Andréa holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration and a master’s degree in business administration. When she was a student, she was often asked if she was making the right career choice because it seemed to others that her personality did not “fit” with the typical accountant. Yet, she knew what she wanted to do. She refused to be pigeonholed into something because her personality did not “fit.” Today she works as a corporate controller for an awesome advertising agency. It is the best of both worlds, and she could not be any happier. She followed her passion and not the crowd!

For the past 15+ years, Andréa has coached and mentored many people. In more recent years, her passion to see women aspire to their full potential has grown stronger and deeper. She is drawn to women who are searching for “something more” and that women who are searching for “something more” are drawn to her. All of her experience, from coaching teenage girls on a high school dance team to leading women in a weekly Bible study, has led her to this place in her journey of empowering others to discover their “something more”.