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Abundance Chose Me, I Didn’t Choose It

For the first time in my life, a word has found me, and I will use it to guide my 2018. I’d been thinking about a “word of the year” for at least three years. However, nothing seemed to stand out to me.

It was during one of my long runs over the summer, while listening to John Maxwell that I heard him say something like, “you will share what you have if you believe you’ll have more.” That resonated with me and took me back to my underprivileged childhood.

Fast-forward two books later, I was running and listening to Jen Sincero. She talked about having more AND not having anything at all. What she said stopped me in the middle of the street in the Third Ward. It was so profound that I listened to it repeatedly. She said, “greed and poverty have the same “lack” mindset. That mindset prevents you from having more.” Again, I went back to my childhood.

My Childhood Was Not Plentiful

Growing up, my mother did the BEST that she could to raise five children after divorcing our father. As you can imagine, she worked multiple jobs, at once, to provide for us. We were definitely “latch-key” kids. That said, there was barely enough money for us to have nice things OR many things. When we got things, I held on to them tightly.

I didn’t know when or if I’d ever get more so the idea that greed and poverty come from the same frame of reference was absurd. After contemplating, it made so much sense. Some poor people hold on to things because they don’t know when they’ll get more. Yet, some rich people want more because they feel like they don’t have enough. Whether poor or rich, neither feels like “they’ll have more.” It is the same lack mindset.

Anyway, back to my word of the year…

As I’ve come into my own and began living in a state of “paying it forward” and giving back, I want to give back more because I believe there is more than enough for me and the 7.6 billion people living in the world.

One of my favorite scripture verses is John 10:10b: “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].” I can’t say that I believe that if I’m not living that.

In 2018, I will give, in abundance, when my heart directs me to do so and I know I will receive more than I am giving.

In 2018, I will share what I know, in abundance, because I know I will be poured into abundantly by others.

In 2018, I will live in a state of knowing that whatever it is I am giving out will be returned to me. I will live in abundance because it found me when I was not looking for it!

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