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I’m Sexy and I Know It

I know you are probably thinking, “Why is Andréa writing about being sexy?” Before you get all uptight, please bare with me for a minute. This really has nothing to do with being sexy as in sexual and all to do with capitalizing on that one quality that makes you unique; become a better you. For the record, however, I am sexy and I do know it.

In my adult life, the people who are closest to me (and even those that aren’t) have always told me that I was a confident person.  For many years into my adulthood I was not “feeling” it.  I lived my life the way I wanted to and really did not care what anyone else thought.  To some, that is perceived as confidence and I suppose, to some extent that is true.  Perhaps, the biggest reason for this attitude was that I discovered something about myself when I was in high school.  I discovered that I was a sexy person.


Not sexy in the sense that I was provoking sexual interest but in the sense that there was something intriguing, interesting, exciting, and appealing about me.  Being sexy was the one thing I had going for myself and no one could tell me anything differently.  In fact, I discovered this about myself when I was feeling the least attractive in high school.  Acknowledging and accepting that quality about me, I believe, changed the trajectory of my life and has led me to the person I am today.

Each of us has a quality that separates us from those around us.  It does not matter what that quality is, it is yours and you should make the most of it.  You must have faith to know that God (my source) or your higher power gifted you with this quality to be a better you and serve those around you.

What is the one thing you know about yourself that no one can take from you?  What is the one quality that makes you uniquely you?  Are you a creative person?  Try your hand at chalk painting or interior design.  Do you work well with numbers?  Volunteer as a bookkeeper at a non-profit organization or go to school for accounting/finance/economics.  Does information technology come easy for you?  Spend time developing an app for your friends and family and try selling it to Facebook (and become a millionaire overnight).  Do you have a sense of style that no one can match?  Create a side business as a dress/wardrobe consultant.  Take time to discover who you are, your qualities and capitalize on that.

And I KNOW it!

My sexy has nothing to do with my looks or the way I dress but all to do with my attitude.  I will not be the prettiest girl in the room, or the best dressed, or have the most coveted body, but, I will be one of the sexiest in the room.  So, like I mentioned earlier, I’m sexy and I know it.  So, my question is, have you discovered your “sexy”?

Originally posted November 24, 2014, Revised December 26, 2017


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