Something More

I learned to tie my shoes when I was three years old because I was tired of waiting for someone to tie them for me.

In the fourth grade, I went to school in the middle of an asthma attack (my mother was totally against it but I begged and pleaded) because I wanted to maintain my perfect spelling test record (my mother stood outside of the classroom until it was over and took me straight to the doctor-God bless her).

In high school, at the ripe age of 16, I became a certified nursing assistant (CNA) because I just KNEW that I would retire as a nurse…of course life hardly ever works out according to plan.

In college, everyone told me I should be in marketing because I had “such a great personality” and I couldn’t “be myself” as an accountant. And what do you know, I’m a corporate controller for an advertising agency.

I went back for my MBA when my daughter was five weeks (yes, you read that correctly, 5 weeks) because I felt it was the proper thing for ME to do.

I ran my first half marathon when I was over 250lbs because I’d always wanted to be a runner.

Since that time, I’ve lost about 80lbs (give or take a couple pounds depending on the time of the month).

I’ve completed three full marathons, a handful of half marathons, and thousands of training miles over the last three years.

I’ve always believed that we were created for greater things. I believe that each of us have the capacity to do whatever it is we want to do. The question is how much are you willing to invest in yourself, to reach your capacity, to discover your “something more?”

I am a certified professional and life coach because I’ve realized my “something more” is helping women to discover their “something more.”

Are you ready to begin your journey of “something more?” Contact me for a free discovery consultation.